About Us

Hello, We are a vivacious group of ladies and specialize in handcrafted luxurious Artisan soaps and body products. We use wonderful combinations of skin loving ingredients, that makes a fabulous body product. So not only does it make bathing fun it is also fabulous for your skin. You can't go wrong. All of our products are made from scratch start to finish, all of our items are hand pressed, hand piped, hand painted, and are made with the highest quality ingredients, fragrances and or essential oils.We pride ourselves in being paraben free, phthalate free, sulphate free, vegan, and starch free. Our products are gentle enough for all skin types and are a moisturizing treat for your skin! We have fun and love what we do and we feel that shows in our products everyday. Our company was started in 1996 by our founder and owner Silvia Victory. She started making bath and body products for her sensitive skin and was disappointed in what the market had to offer. So she started Indulgence Bath Bakery. Which has turned into a passion that educates and inspires others every day.